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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Unconstitutional Gun Control 12 31 2014 Updated!

Unconstitutional Gun Control 12 31 2014

So according to Federal (Queen boy) law in this case, you can only so many parts to a gun that you assemble be foreign made?  Now I am not being exact.

But you can buy a whole model foreign made gun if you wanted to.

So they do this because they want to protect U.S. Gun makers?  For what the AR-15 that was ineffective in War?

But more to the point you would think a Supreme Court would simply rule that unfair?  How come you can selectively protect certain U.S. industries while things like a common man could make with his own hands flood the market like crazy?  That isn't fair!!!!!  That is war against the middle and lower classes.

I find someone who can work with their hands to be a far more trustworthy person than one who verbally manipulates to make a living!

But here is the George Bush schizo mind.

How come you protect United States Gun Owners while at the same time being a proponent of Gun Control?

And all Gun Control is indeed illegal.  That fact that it hasn't been put to a competent Supreme Court is very disturbing!

Did protecting U.S. gun makers lead to innovation and adoption of a better and more lethal U.S. Rifle?  No!

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And one more point.  If the leader of organized crime wanted to get a gun, how easy would it be for him to get one in New York?  I bet he would walk out the same day with one without having to wait 2 days!  Something like how John Gotti walked in a department store and right out without paying for Tickle Me Elmo Dolls.   I was in a gun store a very long time ago and I heard the owner tell the customer, there are way's we can get around that too!  Oh and they would always say, oh it was up at the cabin the whole time and I had forgotten I even had it!

Now I take that back about foreign parts in guns!  The free float barrel nuts you get from Ebay from China are out of spec!  The threads are looser, and the base of it runs into the receiver before the thread are tight.  Not only that the threads to thread the fore end on are too small and out of spec.  You won't get them past three turns when you have to go at least 20 to 25.  China is a nation that very meticulously reversed engineered a great many United States products!  You can't tell me this wasn't intentional!  I have never seen a barrel nut or any nut for that matter wobble as it goes on threads of a bolt!  So what could happen?  Catastrophic failure!  The barrel loosens and blows off the front?  And not only that it takes your left hand with it!

Do you know what I think of Asians?  I hear voices you know!  I have been at the same library in Whitefish Bay twice when a pair of Asian girls showed up and giggled and intentionally annoyed me to distract me from concentrating!  Now Asians are not the only ones with the Satanic mindset that do this, plenty of fetal alcohol syndrome white Americans do to!  But one has to wonder if it is the entire Asian race that is of that mind?  And where did all those MIA's go?  Is George Bush's EB5 program really those of the Satanic mindset brought into the United States to play 6od with the normal honest and brave minds of Americans?  And indeed cause a great national debt related to the mental illness that they caused?  Do you know what happened to those MIA's?  They were tortured and tormented until their captors could indeed read their minds!  They were made dehumanized mental slaves!  I want to say a race like that has no place living among human beings!  I want to say we need to segregate them from those who reach adulthood and all the human being genes of their DNA are expressed!

So I said it again.  And I know how someone would like to read it and point the finger at me and say "he has mental illness must be medicated!"  Just look at the facts presented.  And after you do ask yourself, "If he is telling the truth and I do nothing could it not happen to my loved ones at some point in the future?" 

And I have not researched George Bush and CIA Operation 40 as it relates and implicates him in the death of JFK.

But one more point.  How much energy is used to produce Chinese junk that will rapidly become toxic landfill waste!  Should we not be building U.S. products that last and last!  Perhaps one should only need to buy one laptop in their lives and the frame is made out of strong aluminum.  The circuit board sealed and cannot be ruined via water.  The components readily upgradeable and replaceable.  The back of the lid having a solar panel.

Oh and one more point.  I believe that there has to be technology out there that is based on material that has a green color to it that would produce the most efficient solar panel ever?  Or perhaps light brown like a seed that is in rapid absorption stage?  Something like that.

I saw this and it does not belong in the United States!  And neither do those who would operate one!
It is part of an Active Denial system!  Designed to disrupt normal human being thought!  Now if that isn't valid and legitimate grounds for a holocaust I don't know what is!  A crime against humanity is so horrific that it is unrecognizable as being done by a human!  It is unconscionable! And it is punishable by the death penalty in a great many countries in the world!  Torture is indeed a crime against humanity!  And it was propagandized by Bush, Cheney and the CIA!  These are people that we do not want to migrate out of the United States to set up satanic operations in other countries of the world!  And they must be brought to justice!  We defended the Constitution as it relates to slavery with the shedding of a great amount of blood!  I believe our justice system has to bring these men to justice because cruel and unusual punishment is not only a crime against humanity it is also unconstitutional!  It isn't like, "oh I can't do that in the United States as a Citizen but I can have it done to people in other countries!"  Anyone who would think that way never understood a thing their father told them about why you shouldn't do something that is wrong!  "Oh, just because we didn't keep the prisoners in the U.S. that doesn't apply?  Oh that Constitutional provision wasn't specific enough, it didn't say I couldn't do it per that qualification?"  Good God what are you doing here!

If I was President of this country every young male reaching the age of 18 that did not have a defective serotonin regulating gene would receive the highest quality AR-15 on their 18-th birthday.  Or whatever the best U.S. combat rifle is at the time with the most available ammo!  They would also get a box of ammo to go with it and some paper targets.  And of course would have easily had to pass a Hunter Safety course.

Which brings me to the next point.  A person goes to buy a gun.  Why not be required to ask them what they believe the primary rule of gun safety is?  How do they answer?  Do they engage in intelligent conversation or are they attempting to divert you from learning of their irresponsibility?

All gun control is anti constitutional.  And so is making a human being hear voices in their head so that their minds are tormented from oxidative stress?  The founding fathers knew what demonic possession was, they believed it was a reality, and they never wanted us to have to put up with it!


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