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Friday, December 5, 2014

A Bad Breed has been allowed to foster itself among us and take root 12 05 2014

A bad breed has been allowed to foster itself among us and take root!

It would kill that breed to have to be nice to a normal human being! The homeless can see right through them! That is why they are homeless!


w/r to a famous comedian. Anyone who says he didn't do anything wrong ought to be in a pile of sticks! And how can they ever pick a jury by asking a question like this, “Do you have any preconceived notion as to whether this man is guilty or innocent?” No honest American duly capable of serving on a Jury could truthfully say, “No!”

The point is no matter who is on that jury that doesn't like him he is still going to get a FAIR trial!

They were asking George Bush repeatedly if Jeb should be President, just like they were asking each other if this will affect the black comedian who is accused of drugging and raping what amounts to an entire village full of women, if it will affect his career. (If indeed there ever was a suit or trial, it could happen if there is one that is not within the statute of limitations! And I really see no valid legal reason why those women cannot serve as a witness against him in a trial like that! Any lawyer that would ever agree to defend someone like that is in direct conflict with the real laws and spirit of the United States Constitution! And hence they are as much of the problem as he is!


Who will be the Milwaukee tavern league/police department December 31st sacrifice into the Milwaukee River? That is EXACTLY what I think; and not only do I have a Supreme right to say it; I also have a duty to United States Humanity to say it!

And Flynn will get on the Television with tears in his eye's saying he takes it personally? I got REAL news for Flynn; any Milwaukee Police Officer that doesn't take it the exact same way that you do, with tears in their eyes, should not be on the force! So use that as your motivation when you have what is called human resource meetings with your very strong minded officers!

So Flynn you have a sit down with each of our civil servant officers and if they snicker or give you the arrogant 5417 kid cocky eye when you start talking of the killing of a homeless man that is grounds that they are not of the integrity to be on the Police force!  Would you even want to hire people like that as manual laborers on your farm?  I wouldn't!


Quote about women who marry what they believe to be strong men, “That is her second strong man; the first killed himself!”


Mitt Romney the “decorated?” Republican on the poor, “I don't care too much about the poor.” The founders of the Republican Party believed in the exact opposite of what Mitt Romney is! They viewed the blacks as a tool to create unfair wealth for the southern hick! They would have viewed the homeless as being the equivalent of the black slave, someone who was wrongly expended for unearned wealth!


In order to protect the United States Constitution you have to deport all those that you deemed not legally competent to own a fire arm; in your ivy world of hazing and binge drinking college sports professional opinion of course! You either respect that national supreme law or you don't! You want to say, “He hears voices he can't have a gun and therefore he has to leave this country?” Go ahead! And after that you won't have a nation of men anymore; but rather substance abusing suicidal freaks and gay rights activists! A good representation of your children!

You were never humanly qualified to adjudicate! And just look at the spite, envy and vindictiveness on your face when you do!

The sounds of your spoiled voices on television and radio is filled with high strung birth defective monkey tenor vocal chords with psychotic castration anxiety!

What is any gun control? It is the defective minded saying that the Constitution is really the problem! What do men say in turn? “Those who say the Constitution is the problem are the Complete Embodiment of the problem!

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