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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A psychiatrist was on one of these websites 12 06 2014

A psychiatrist was on one of these websites posing as someone who had the affliction. He was mean to everyone else there and badgering them.
He was belittling their sense of self esteem and telling them to take medicine!
Unbenounced to him his own daughter joined a discussion group under an alias.
He gave mean advice to her and she killed herself!
In the aftermath he went and looked on her computer and found that it was her, his own daughter who had been using that alias! He couldn't live it down. How could one? He too, took his own life.
It didn't really happen as far as I know, but isn't that exactly how things happen when you are up to no good? It is what I have termed the poetic justice of God; much like the story of the Boy who cried wolf.
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