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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Updated: Hypothetically if the blind received a holographic image of our lives (Holy Spirit) 12 06 2014

Hypothetically if the blind received a holographic image of our lives (Holy Spirit) 12 06 2014

And they are then that mean to us in order to preserve that link to our minds sight; how mean would they be to any children they would be allowed to have?

The next point is that if you wouldn't want them to have children because they are god awful mean persons what is the justification for them not being subject to euthanasia.

And lets expand the concept a little bit in General philosophy; if any person is so mean that you would never want them to have children for fear of both psychological and physical abuse how can you justify that they should not be subject to euthanasia?

Background: It has been stated by the blind that they sometimes receive vivid images of the lives....of those who are not blind?

They eyes are indeed part of the brain.  They form as a strip of skin in the front of the head becomes transparent!!!!  What does it mean?  That the blind are mentally defective!!!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 12 06 2014 at:

Now let's say a woman was blind because her mother was a syphilis whorehouse whore at some point in history.  Let's say that woman became a whore too and had a child.  She could see visions of other peoples lives in her minds eye.  And she was able to narrate them in real time to her son.  In order to maintain that link to the normal human being she would curse at him like a hag would!  After a period of time she could even get ahead of him in space/time!  She drove him that far out of his mind. What does this mean?  It means anywhere in the world where a man hears voices for most of his hours in a day, that that is all the evidence that is needed to prove that corruption exists.  Now if you were a President of the United States whose duty by no need for argument is to eliminate corruption how would you enforce and protect the United States Constitution?

And I don't believe that I am stretching one single fact here!


That Holy Spirit was meant for that man and his children and not the son of the syphilis whore?  Does that make sense to you?


Read the following quote three times; Here is what Jesus Christ in the Bible said about it:

John 9 1:3

"The Man Born Blind

As he passed by he saw a man blind from birth.  His disciples asked him; "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents?"

Jesus answered, "Neither he nor his parents sinned;  it is so that the works of God may be made visible through him!"   "

In reality his parents did sin because alcohol causes brain deformities to the fetus and blindness is one of those.  But Jesus answer is far more insightful and revealing than that!  As per the above description in this article!  When one of them has a reason to dun your mind with voices as is being blind the rest get in on it and listen to it as if they are part of your mind too!  Hence it defines the one who hears voices as being God and it is Gods works that are made visible through the mentally defective cursing hag of a person; designated to be so by the tribe.  Perhaps Jesus didn't have knowledge of Fetal Alcohol System brain abnormalities; but his answer is far more educational!

Also from the Gospel of John we learn that Jesus calls Judas "A" Devil! Not "the" Devil.  There is a fine literate distinction of grammar as using the term "A Devil" implies there are more than one, it implies plurality!  Whatever Jesus exact definition of "A Devils" was it has been censored from all of history!  Perhaps in a dusty corner of the Vatican in a correct transcription it is hiding!  Perhaps the plurality has a great vested interest in allowing the world to know!  Would that not be Revelation?

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