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Friday, December 5, 2014

I watched a show tonight where they were plowing through Rice patties in the Philippines 12 05 2014 and Vietnam

I watched a show tonight where they were plowing through Rice patties in the Philippines  12 05 2014

And I had to ask myself what God awful person would send United States soldiers to Vietnam???  To stop the spread of communism?  What most people don't understand is communism is a way of thinking, a defective way of thinking!  We didn't stop the spread the Vietnamese were of the communist mindset too!

And look what transitioned to happen after the War in Vietnam for some reason?  Everything we have here is now made in China!  Do any of us benefit from those Corporate affiliations?  Only the wealth class that is of that same communist mindset from either inbreeding or parents socialite drinkers causing fetal alcohol mental retardation of their children.

And what else happened after Vietnam?  All of the farming is now Corporate based!  The small farmer is gone.  So I had to ask myself who served in Vietnam?  Was it mainly young men from rural farmland areas?  Flush them into a hell hole of oriental snake eyes and erode the farmland ownership?

Then we also have mad cow disease cows being pumped full of antibiotics and pork produced in China.  That CWD disease in the United States originated from experiments at a military base out west per my recent memory of research.

So why don't they want to prescribe antibiotics?  Is it because the Doctors are stocking up in their homes and waiting for the plague to hit?  Or is it really because they cause yeast overgrowth and mental impairment and illness?  The antibiotic resistance argument doesn't seem to make sense to me on an individual level.  And good ole Barrack Obama granted them a guarantied annuity in health insurance premiums whether they are good doctors or bad?  That only leads to bad health care?  We are there already!

Schizophrenia is medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it a medical fraud.  And what happened to all the MIA's in Vietnam?  Where they transferred to China in order to torture them for their mechanical engineering knowledge?  George Bush validated the concept!

About the same time our legitimate Irish President Kennedy was assassinated.  Clinton's biological father was English, Ronald Reagan should have never been President, and who knows what Barrack Hussein Obama is.  For all we really know he is related to Saddam Hussein.  They wanted to look Irish even though they were not!

What kind of a military court would ever convict a United States solder for going full auto when he was spooked in a Vietnam village?  I get it, but I am not supposed to.

Did that war play a part in rural United States becoming ghost towns?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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