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Thursday, December 4, 2014

William Reich Quote that implies Schizophrenics should be Government Leaders 12 04 2014

William Reich Quote that implies Schizophrenics should be Government Leaders 12 04 2014

Both of this man's parents were Jewish!!!

Here is the quote, "I might even voice the belief that the schizophrenic form of psychic illness is regularly accompanied by illuminating insight into the irrationalism of social and political mores!"

This is a man that believed in building faraday cages to protect ones own energy integrity and accumulate ones own energy for the healing of cancer!  A faraday cage is a box that emf type waves cannot penetrate!  I know that he is right on the issue!

He was persecuted by the Nazi's but ALSO by the United States after he moved here!

And granted his interactions with patients might be highly suspect.  But that might be why he built the faraday cage; to protect himself from demonic influence?

I also question where his and Freud mobile Ambulatoriums were really dealing Cocaine vehicles.

He was deported for his experimentations regarding cancer, but that is highly suspicious too, and in fact he might have been on to something that posed a threat to the profits of business, as the Writer Sigurd Hoel implies, "When did it become a reason for deportation that one looked into a microscope when one was not a trained biologist."  If you have ever worked at the scientific types they have a very rigid mind structure that doesn't seem to function on the principle of synthesis being the pinnacle of analysis.  They hold onto the rigid structures of science without the ability to requestion why older scientific premises are disproved by new ones or just modern common sense!  That actually makes science in its current doctrine a threat to mankind!  Why?  As strange as it might seem that thought process makes it a haven for the mentally defective!

You might not be able to make the connection without the valid intent of study but when Reich is using the term orgone energy as in terms of the energy of orgasm he is talking about the same thing that the Bible refers to as the Holy Spirit!  So I will go on record as stating that both Jesus Christ a Jew and William Reich a Jew and (myself) are all persecuted for the belief in their own Holy Spirit?  So to believe in the spirit of oneself is a great source of persecution in the world; both in Nazi Germany, Rome and also the United States!

And oddly enough his quote above implied those labeled schizophrenics have the correct political and moral insight supports Hitler as being a political leader; from my published research that Hitler heard a voice talking to him.

When that voice talks to us its intent is our self destruction and creating acts of self destruction? Acts that discredit us to the point where another spirit of possession imparts great guilt.  Reich did not believe in having children but rather abortion, Hitler committed suicide.  Best to be like the Chinese monks who just sit there and let it go in one ear and out the other in meditation (As a Orgone energy box was) and then get up and go about your merry way in life!  I could teach you how to build a faraday shielded box.  And I can tell you for a fact that the voices that  you hear can be shielded from!  Which means that schizophrenia is medical fraud. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What is very interesting is that there is a quote of Hitler speaking in English about how advanced the Russian Military was!  This had to be near the end of Hitler's life as Russia concurred them!  You have to remember that Russia was in league with the United States up to that point whereby we the ostensibly declared a cold war?  It is very insightful with regard to Obama studying Communism and our political interactions with Russia today!  I believe they might be setting us up to be concurred!  Your right to keep and bear arms exist per the supreme law of the land even if they say it doesn't!  Always remember that!

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If we are indeed those who have great political and moral insight what is the direct implication about who would desire that our minds be demonized with voices: those who successfully aspire in politics!  And if you analyze their actions they are not for the people!  A group of people is babble talking to you to the point whereby you can no longer hear yourself think; that doesn't make you crazy!  It means you a very popular person doesn't it!


Do you know what it amounts to?  That which is dependent minded has a serious problem with the leadership being those they are dependent minded to!  What can the only reason be?  That reality is so unbearable to them!  Now that tells you of their true nature doesn't it! One might be a genius while the rest mentally retarded!  The ancient Jews who had the money paid a tax to those who were the source of their profits (it was called tithing). 

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