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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Commentary on a link article titled Hitlers Controversial Early Life originally published by Maria Hardy

"From there on he believed that he was visited by a spirit and told that he was Germany's saviour. "  What a boon to humanity it would be to find and publish those psychiatry records!  Was there a hypnotist at the hospital?  It sounds like he was possessed and that the mustard gas causing oxygen deprivation brain cell death led to that which was possessing him to gain a greater hold and control on his actions.  As a person who has heard voices for over 23 years and knows for a fact it is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific but the cause makes it fraud, this article is extremely insightful to me!  What a hypnotist does is insert feelings of greatness and empowerment into the subconscious of a person.  And if that person can hear your thinking in the first place as Wolf Messing is described to be able to do in a book by Shiela Ostrander "Psychic Discoveries" it is a more complete control? (Russian psychic discoveries!)  Very interesting that Pasewalk is located more near Russia who came out with the lions share of looting of West Germany?  This is epic!

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