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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Second Part and flip side of a Civilian Impersonatiing and Army Ranger 12 03 2014

Didn't Obama's Supreme Court wrongly rule that people could do that?

What makes it wrong is the patches; signifying honor and risking of ones life.

Otherwise every young man that ever bought a pair of tiger stripe veit nam camo pants would feel unduly guilty.

Any young man that ever worked at a gas station or went hunting in Wisconsin will tell you that a surplus olive drag military coat is one of the best things to wear. They say it is warm and waterproof!

When I was a boy my father would take my friend and I to the military surplus store on Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. Actually there used to be two of them there. My father was a veteran of both WWII and the Korean War. His only brother was a drill sergeant in the Army. What did he say? You practically have to beg a dumb recruit to get them to do something! He got put on disability for a back issue! What did he say about that? He had to put with a lot of crap to get that!

No man should ever feel guilty for wearing camo! We hunt!

But the full boots, the pants and the shirt with the patches is a little bothersome. And then to claim that you actually served when you didn't is wrong too. If he left the patches off he might have been fine? But again we don't really know how Ryan would have rightly or wrongly reacted to it! What is also bothersome is that this man impersonated a police officer too! That is far worse. The impersonating a military officer does not bother me as much because per our Constitution we are not to have an Army in times of peace! What it really amounts to is supporting Corporate Entitlements! We are not a Nation whose Government and Constitution is written as pure business law to the contrary it is written on normal individual rights and respecting them! That is what we are about! That integrity should be present in every aspect of our Government and the agents-civil servants of it!

And I am going to touch on the other side of the issue too! We are not to have an Army in times of Peace per the Supreme law of the Land the United States Constitution!

Anyone who serves in the Military today ought to be very glad that they had a viable avenue to go to upon drop out from High School or failure to make it to college! You ought to thank your lucky stars; because it is against the law! How come we don't see Army personal reading the Constitution and decrying that to have an Army in times of peace is AGAINST THE LAW? So there is a great amount of culpability there too!

What does that law presume? That we are to able to elect competent Government that has the ability to protect the United States Constitution by keeping us in peace! That is what is implied by that Constitution and any President who doesn't protect that aspect of it is guilty of an impeachable offense! So what is also implied when War is declared? It isn't to be a slow drain war! We are to get it done extremely quickly! Why? So we can go on our merry way again of living in peace as per the Constitution!

That is my take on it! The year was 1989 and I had a military recruiter repeatedly ask me to join the Army while I was pumping gas to pay my way through college! Not too long after that we invaded Iraq under odd terms of conflict and we are still there today! Blown off limbs from IEDs, denial chemical and biological weapons illnesses, sexual assaults, drug use indoctrination! Those are items that real men and proud citizens would not put up with! Why don't we have competent military personnel?

And we have all kinds of imperial laws regarding gun control and learning about bomb making, how many less U.S. Soldiers would have not lost their lives had we not had those laws. We do not even have a new generation of scientists who can make viable bombs and missiles. So when you hear me give it to FDR and his legalization of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome mental retardation, dyslexia causing drug alcohol you might start to realize where I am coming from!

A Nation of Freedom is a nation that promotes peace! To do that you have to lead by positive example to the rest of the world! We have not seen that here in over 80 years!

I have dealt with military personal walking among us! Most if not all act like punks that love to cause trouble and unleash their military training on you! What do a lot of them do? They become gym rats and at night they guard the doors to the establishments (bars) that sell the drug that causes babies to be born with mental retardation! You ought to be crying your eyes out!

And what is their mentality?  Anyone who takes us to War justifies their adult life and is therefore a hero to them?

Thomas Paul Murphy copyright 2014

Originally published on 12 03 2014 at:

Continued.  And what are men like that who find escapism in the military?  They are the hallmark of Communism!  But to be fair to you our Corporate employment world isn't fair either and that is the reason you get put in that situation as a young male.  I know what you want to believe, all those businessmen wearing suits are so much smarter than you!  Not only are they often not as smart but more often than not they are emotionally disturbed and brat like too!  They come from Ivy League colleges and what did Kennedy say about them before he was assassinated by a Russian Communist spy?  That Ivy league graduates or universities provided no benefit to the American Democracy!  I don't get along with them and I don't get along with the bar punk either!  I think a lot of you have a serotonin regulating gene defect!

The number of assaults in the United States Military is highly comparable to the number of assaults at the Napa County California prison for the Criminally Insane!!!!!!!!!

Why did you kill that peace loving young American man who played by all the rules,

"He was looking at my bar whore!"
"I didn't like the way he looked at me!"
"He said booh to me!"

Who are you kidding?  I knew a lot of  the archetypes of you when you where younger!  You don't have post traumatic stress disorder from the military, you were born with the inability to cope!  You were always psycho nuts!  You think I don't remember?  You think for some reason people forget how bad you were?  What a convenient  and self serving mentally defective belief for you to have!  Normal human beings learn by comparison, we don't forget! May we never forget!

You know what the first video footage of the war in Iraq was?  It was of a United States helicopter crew blowing up and United States tank and killing the U.S. soldiers.  Who know what motivated you to enlist, maybe you pissed off Mary Rottencrotch and her vagina leaven in the brain son at some point in your lives and she loathed you.  I also believe in some cases Mary Rottencrotch's Vagina leavens in the brain son might have been fur ears dependent minded to your thinking and wanted to terminate you out of envy for your human ability!  But most likely you were Mary Rottencrotches Vigina Leaven in the brain son!

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