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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Green Bay 33 Chicago 28 12 29 2013 Sports Section commentary and advice

Green Bay 33  Chicago 28         12 29 2013 Sports Section commentary and advice
Green Bay Wins!
I started watching the game before the second half.
1.       Fumble Pile:  there ought to be a rule where a ref taps a player on the shoulder and they are to get off the pile and back 15 feet from it.  That play is over already and the fan wants to see the next play.
2.       One of the Green Bay players did what I would call a monkey walk after a play.  There should be no monkey antics allowed!  These men are being paid millions and we do not need de evolution of the species!  That is just how little 5417 kids act on the playground after they beat someone up.  We’ve had enough of that already.
3.       Then  there was a fumble and the Green Bay player didn’t know to run with the fumble to get the touchdown until someone on the sideline told him to!  (Hmmm?) Named sounded like Boiken.  I didn’t hear a whistle?

4.       There were odd camera angles televising the game.  Zooming and tight focus when they should have instead been panning a larger section of the field. 
5.       Then there was the commentators allowed to see a second replay whereas the audience doesn’t; in order to make the commentators seem smarter than the fan?
6.       Q3 And watching 23 of the Bears left hand as he ran with the football in the right was priceless!  The fingers of his left hand were curled.
7.       No excuse for 22 Bears going around the scrimmage pack run in for a touchdown!  Someone should have been there.  Bad, lazy Green Bay defense.
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8.       Q3 #44 hesitated on the run with the football when he should have turned up the jets and ran flat out!  That is a rookie mistake!  Once you get that speed going you are hard to catch!
9.       Rogers to 83 touchdown was a tight focus camera angle!  I as a former player of the sport would have liked to have seen the entire end zone like one looks at a chessboard while playing!  The game was channel 6 Fox televised; there was no excuse for that!
10.   #17 Bears catch.  I can’t help it, whenever I see that ball go up in the air in a tight spiral on a long pass I love to see it caught!  No matter if it is the home team or not!  I just find that beautiful!  And that is what I love about the game.  Now when I was younger I remember hoping for in completions by the opponent team.  But today I just love to see it caught, and as I am typing this sentence 18 Cobb just caught the pass for the game winning touchdown!  Anyway seeing that pass be caught is much like looking at rainbows!

11.   #81’s catch, again tight camera angle looked like the nose could have been on the ground, needed second camera angle quicker.    My advice to Green Bay would be that the players need to get their fingers under the ball better on those catches.  There have been too many that end up being questionable!  So in order to practice that you throw passes low and have the player dive for them and catch them the better way.  And same goes with any other implied advice!
12.   Note:  Didn’t see much game interruptions from “off sides” Fans HATE that!
13.   In Q3 there was a missed tackle by #53 Green Bay, cause by a player not wanting to go all out and dive and hurt himself?  To me it was like him asking “Where’s Bridget?”
14.   #83 injury.  It didn’t help a Green Bay player was on top of the Bear that was on top of #83.  And it was well on the sideline!
15.   Q3 Touchdown #15.  #38 GB did not stay with him as he went deeper to the end zone to catch the pass!  ROOKIE MISTAKE!
16.   Q3 #87 GB Arm to face of Bear after touchdown?  His fingers were tangled in that mask!  For your own safety that should not be allowed and also for the neck safety of the defendant.  We don’t know whether #87 was eyeball poking or the Bear was using the metal grate on his face mask like a snapping turtles beak but it doesn’t matter, it should not be allowed!

And I also like it that I didn’t have to look at the half time commentators because I feel they are a bad image of what a man should be.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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