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Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Recycle Particle Board and Plastic Bottles 12 30 2013

How to Recycle Particle Board   12 30 2013

If someone were to make and sell strips of sheet metal in dimensions of 1 1/4 inches to 2.5 inches with dimensionally placed 1/2 inch holes in them; those strips could be used to laminated strips of particle board together with threaded rods. It would require on a strip of metal per strip of wood, plus one for the end.

Solid table tops could be made that would likely never warp!  Bench tops too could be produced, but likely not ones that bear heavy pounding.

And indeed each individual slat of particle board could be stained a different color!  They could even be painted.
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The plane structure could then be sanded to the tops of the metal strips to make it uniform!  An indeed the strip board structure would provide a natural well effect for a poured epoxy clear coat or paint coat finish!

Dust and respirator gear would have to be used as it does release gases when cut.

But most of the time everything made up of particle board ends up in the landfill!  These products wouldn't make it there as fast!  And they would also save our worlds forests!  Does the process of cutting down forests only to have products of particle board by on the curb and on their way to the landfill make sense?

It also makes me wonder if paper could be used to make the same types of structures!  But in this case a thin viscosity water based glue would be poured on the structure before the clamps are tightened to cure it.  Some type of sealer in other words.  One would be able to take three months worth of newspapers and make a table for a Company (won't use the term corporate) Boardroom out of them.  And indeed that might be very easy to sand to a plane surface?  That product could also be used to form structural wallboard!  For example if you had one strip that was 4'x8' it would cost only as much as the strip metal and the paper recycled!  If a house is 26 feet long then 6 1/2 of them would give you a wall face that would likely have a very high R value?  If it were an interior wall?

 Anyhow a nice table top could be produced using this method.  I have probably written about it before.

And what of the plastic bottles?  Those same metal strips could be used with regard to the plastic bottles!  The bottles could be cut into rectangular slats with the 1 1/4" width laminated between the metal strips and fed through a Pizza Oven that has had its back cut out.  Or indeed a new type of solar electric oven.  If the right temperature is found the product could indeed be melted into a uniform layer or such that each strip was uniform!  This product could then be use to make table tops without the need for the metal strips!

But for that to happen first the plastic bottles have to be banned from being produced.  Also China is said to have an Island in the sea of those plastic bottles the size of Texas!  After those who would enslave others in our world are done away with those bottles could be used to produce those laminate structures!  Indeed every poor Chinese person would have the means for a sound shelter!  That product might even make great flooring!  The energy to heat them in a solar powered oven would come from the sun!  And an additive might be needed to facilitate the process if the ability to regulate the temperature could not be maintained.  But it would have to be a No VOC plasticizer and I doubt that they have been invented!  Scratch that plasticizer idea, the best way is for these to be heat cured whereby most of that gas is baked out of it, otherwise it would pose a health risk.

And what of making threaded rod from plastic bottles?  A 3/4" diameter threaded rod would indeed be a great hardware item!

And a square profile end rod would also serve to keep such plane surfaces from warping.  So indeed a rod with a square end profile that had threads on the four corners could be produced.  An adapter to a nut could be used to allow such a hardware items to tighten the laminate, whereby such adapter nut would be fixed in place with a set screw.  The adapter for such nut would be half moon type thread surfaces that would complete the round end profile of the square round to round rod.  The sheet metal layers could then be stamp with square holes!  On the ends of the square rods would be placed the thread adapters and fixed in place with set screws!  Four thread adapters would be needed per end.

Incidentally, I read that Richard Branson had Dyslexia.  It would take some type of businessman like that to initiate a program like this!

And I realize this is very hard to read and understand, least I say that the spirits of those who cannot be taught how to read covet the ability to read and write of those that can?  And hence we have the meaning of the term "pulp fiction" and the reason paper could be better recycled?  We have not heard the term plastic pulping or plastic pulp!  It is like a forbidden science or taboo?  The reason being, they can't sell you more oil at higher prices if you can recycle the crap they sell you into products better than the original ones they produced?

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