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Monday, December 2, 2013

Inventions Needed Laptop Design Features 12 02 2013

Inventions Needed Laptop Design Features

Laptops should feature a port on them whereby a small set of headphones, meaning ear buds can be coiled up and stored.  Also laptops should have metal tapped holes in the back of the screen so that second third and forth laptop hard drives can be added to the back of the screen with an box type aluminum bracket.  They could indeed just use an ordinary cable to reach to the laptops USB port or Sata port. 

Background or necessitation:  1. We often find we are without our headphones when using the laptop.  And in today's data central world the hard drives of our laptops fill up to quickly and additional space is needed.  This would indeed be the best way to accomplish this.  Other than that one could right angle bend a bracket out of aluminum and scratch them metal of it where it would be to adjoin to the back of the screen, scratch the plastic there too and glue the bracket on with Kevlar based epoxy which was the absolutely strongest glue that I have ever used in my entire life!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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