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Monday, December 23, 2013

Sports Psychology 12 23 2013

Sports Psychology 12 23 2013

The other day I read a study that said when a persons team won on the weekend people were happier at work the following workweek.

It would seem to me that a whole industry has been created to keep those who were academic failures happy in life!  The psychological principle being they like to identify with the sports figures and actually believe they are them.

Does anyone remember in grade school when that kid to big for your class didn't make the great play and they took it out on the lesser children who were not even on the team?

The United States was never meant to be the country for a nation not of men!  Let me explain, men behave in a mature and responsible manner and seek to get better at whatever they become through learning; that which is not man has a drink in order to escape from life's problems that he cannot think his way through and also needs a scapegoat in order to make himself feel happy!  And his fellow employees or those that he manages should never, let me repeat, should NEVER have to put up with that behavior!  That fact that it has been noticed as being a reality means that it has gone way too far already!

And what parents would ever raise their children to believe they can play a game all their lives in order to support their family?  A game really should have no consequences because it is a game.

So not only is that mal adjusted high school academic failure mad that he did not make the pro's he is also made because it was his salvation in life that he believed he was that player playing on the field on Sundays game; and they lost!  There are actually people that want to believe so strongly that they are the part of other people in some way!  No that is the worst delusion you could create in a male and it is also a sign that person is not a man at all!  Men think responsibly and you would not notice a behavior change if their team lost!

Now what if we had this entire cadre working on organic farms producing produce for us?  Would they be sad if the harvest was not what it should be because they did not attend to the needs of the crop!  Which brings up the next point; what does it say about their relationship with their own sons!  Son you can play a game for a living and if you don't work out at that it isn't your fault; it is someone else's fault that your team lost?  These are the biggest bunch of losers we have ever seen in generations.

And what does the military say about them?  That high school athlete that wasn't very smart academically and also did not make the pros is the biggest baby they have ever seen and flunks out of training!  Some of us knew this was true about them in grade school!

So who marries someone like that?  A woman just like him!

And what is this really?  Primates are raised by females!  And this is a primate type of behavior whereby the females beat the successful male hunters!  They do it so that the pain from his soul imprints the lower tribe aplings!  So indeed this is the first instance of a mans soul being demonized against his will in an imprinting concept of the aplings!  Science has proven mind to mind connection of a father imprinting his son out of love and work but not the above concept that is characteristic of the beast animal world!  And who are the members of our society that the modern primate women beat?  They are those that are successful and responsible thinkers that have their own human soul because of a non defective hippo campus!  And indeed that is part of the nature of schizophrenia!

My point is that this behavior has no place in our modern world and nor do the perpetrators of it!

Human beings were never meant to be demonized for the sakes of the pro-life bastard children or those born with defective brains due to alcoholism or genetic lines based on that type of ilk!
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When I see a big baby of a male getting upset over a game that should be played only for fun I want to do something about it!  And I believe that the first paid athletes were the Wimpy Ton tennis players.  That idea came out of England and it has been very bad for us!

It also bothers me that females become aggressive in this same manner!  I really don't believe a lady, and I am not talking about an old shoe mouth that poses as royalty, ...I really don't believe a lady should have to put up with women that have mustaches growing on their upper lips!  Nor do real men have to be challenged by that bad attitude!  That spoiled attitude by that which is she and so wanted to believe she was a boy!

And maybe the average American didn't know that Cheney's mean face MIGHT have had something to do with one of his daughters being a Lesbian.  If you knew that he had a daughter who was a lesbian and connected it in some  way to his mean face, would you have voted for Bush with Cheney as his Vice President?

And here is a song I wrote about a meanness.

Mystery song about it 

And what American appreciates the image on the sports page of the sissy that lost the game or whose team lost the game crying.  Most of  us are out of work, we really identify with million dollar kid don't we?

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