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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Solvent Books 12 06 2013

The Solvent Books 12 06 2013

“You’re better at cannibalism than you are at health care.”
The Root of the Disability Economy
“Is that how I taught you to get your money’s worth?  Look at the man you bought with your drinking money!  Look at the children your drinking money bought you?”
The Future of Public School Sex Education?
“Now Ellen is going to tell the story of how she met her true lesbian love.  Everybody listen very carefully because if you have been undecided about whether you want to marry a woman or man this story will be very informative for you.” ……
“And now Mark is next and he will tell the story of how he met his true homosexual mate.”….
How come we never hear stories like that?  Because some of us would laugh until we fell out of our chairs!  (We would actually contain the laughter when we shouldn’t.)
It would be like listening to stories that were fabrications of others memories!  It equates to a broad satanic phenomenon of somebody wanting what you want just because you want it.  And also ruining what you wanted when they figure out it is incompatible with them.
How is the following not consistent with what the person’s upbringing had to have been, some one can not be raised to have those beliefs they cannot form in that way!

It is like the results of a head start type of program based on occult satanic beliefs and teachings?  And peoples human rights are violated so that you can maintain the delusion of self and personal identity?
Those aren’t your beliefs based on your memories!  They’re the beliefs bas of someone that was forced to surrender their personal identity against their will!
A homosexual saying his story about love at first sight as, “When I saw him wearing his WWII Air Force uniform I almost fainted!”
Or a lesbian telling her true love story as, “When I saw her shaking her A$$ on the dance floor it made me horny.”
Those aren’t your thoughts!  They aren’t your thoughts they are someone else’s like my Aunt Ann’s or mine!  Your identity could not have been formed consistent with you having those thoughts!  Somehow through trauma or mal upbringing you latched on to them because they helped you to survive.  And for all we really know, you are part of a trauma pool that includes other victims whose thoughts you were imprinted with as they were traumatized.  For example the San Hedrin giving their reason for crucifying Jesus Christ as, “He knows what we do!”  The eugenics attempt to give all of the offspring memories imprinted through the torture and death of a human being?  The San Hedrin being wealthy Jews who were wine merchants?  FDR, the “man” who promoted the surrender of individuality so that you auger class of men could be presumed to have more intelligence than they do also got all his family money from Opiate trade, he made alcohol legal again!  “He knows what we do,” they said of Jesus the Jewish rabbi/priest and self declared good shepherd!  I won’t give you the female corollary to the auger class of “men” that the surrender of individuality wealth class needs to make happy!  Perhaps a woman could better articulate her experience of how that is not what it is supposed to be?
World history can and should be thought of as the conflict between a good Jewish Rabbi/Priest and the very wealthy (possibly mentally defective, just possibly)?  Whereby the rabbi lost and hence goodness was oppressed?

Who knows maybe your mom made you play the "Pleased?" game when you were waist high.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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